Michigan- As fraud becomes more apparent, democrats begin turning to a darker form of rhetoric. Tuesday morning Michigan State House Representative, Cynthia A Johnson, made a now viral video warning “Trumpers” to “walk lightly.

C.A. Johnson has become a hateful voice for far left rhetoric in recent days, pictured here scolding witness for Trump team Melissa Corrone without provocation.

In the same rant, Johnson calls for “solders” to “make them pay”.

This all as democrats are scrambling to deal with the latest overwhelming wave of evidence in the President’s voter fraud cases around the country, especially in hotbed states like Michigan.

Michigan Secretary of State, Joslyn Benson, In a rather obvious attempt to quell emergent evidence, released a preemptive statement. (Above) In what is a rather strange statement, Benson claimed that any evidence found in Antrim County was false. This before evidence was revealed.

In recent days, democrat Michigan leaders have been making rounds on CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, Andersen Cooper, and others to issue veiled threats to conservatives who have conducted peaceful protests in the state.

“As evidence mounts, and the Dems plan to steal the election fades, plan B is becoming clearer,” said Jason Howland, Michigan resident and founding father of the American Patriot Council. “If they can’t steal it, they’ll create massive civil unrest.” Howland and other members of the APC have been outspoken against both republican and democrat leadership in recent months for their handling of the pandemic.

Michigan is one of five states with mounting proof of widespread voter fraud.

A. Closer, reporting for American Patriot Press