LANSING MI- There has been an uncommon silence from Michigan governor as governors Cuomo and Newsom are being called to account over the developing “murder-gate” nursing home scandal.

Throughout what media and power-drunk politicians have deemed the COVID-19 pandemic, the three governors have claimed “science” as the reason they’ve placed COVID positive patients in nursing homes where nearly forty percent of COVID-related deaths have occurred across the three states. This “science” has been called into question because the elderly are the most vulnerable to the coronavirus that was released on the world by China in late 2019.

Nursing home patients in the three states have been locked away from family, forced to visit only through windows for months. Many dying alone.

As the story breaks that New York governor, Andrew Cuomo, who followed the same so-called science as Whitmer, is now being accused by many of murder. Cuomo allegedly placed COVID-19 positive patients into nursing homes to purposely spike COVID numbers for political reasons. Newsom has been the second believer in this “science” to be accused.

Those in Michigan and around Whitmer know it’s just a matter of time before the public does the math.

Billboards have popped up all over Michigan declaring the people’s disdain for the embattled governor.

Ryan Kelley, a Republican candidate for governor has been vocal in his opposition to Whitmer’s handling of the so-called pandemic. “Legislators have been asking for the data on this for a months. FOIA requests have been made, but no real science has been provided.” Kelley says that he “hopes I’m wrong, but it’s starting to look like she is involved in the murder-gate scandal.” Kelley is a Founding Father of the American Patriot Council, a group that says their mission is to “restore and sustain a constitutional government in the United States of America.”

Many say it’s a matter of time before those who’ve already accused Cuomo and Newsom will come calling for Whitmer. Until then, the Michigan governor seems content to listen to the clock tick.

A Closer, reporting for the American Patriot Press