United States- Over the past several months, I have attended several events with the American Patriot Council. At each event there has been a sort of leftist anti-fan club that almost seems as if they have been assigned to the group. They usually bring a few local haters, but the core group is always the same.

The anti-fans are made up of a few seemingly brainwashed suburbanite college age kids, Antifa members, complete with hard hats, body armor, long guns, black burkas, and soup cans, BLM marxists, and my favorite: a couple of professional agitators, paid to try and stir up trouble.

Yesterday, as I observed these folks, I realized something: THEY LITERALLY HATE EVERYONE!

I saw them harassing an elderly women, screaming in her face that she was old, and “don’t know sh**”. One of them called her an “old hoe” and told her to “go make cookies for Hitler”. On a micro level it is rage-inciting disrespect, but when looked at from a macro prospective, it’s contempt for the elderly.

They were screaming at a young, black women holding a Trump sign, calling her a “coon” and a “house nigg*r”. This tells me they, as much as they say it is, it’s not about race. They hate black people too.

They called me a “cracker” and a “rich, white dude who needs to take his a** back to the suburbs”. Their contempt for “white people” is widely known, but their hate for the suburbs is scathing as well.

As one militia man, in full regalia walked past them, to get to where we were standing, one of them maces him, screaming that he was a “racist” and to go “back to woods”. It seems people from rural areas are hated too.

As they screamed and bullied everyone in sight, I realized they would hate anyone who will not hate along with them.

Today, as I reflect on all of this I begin to see clearly who they are, and why their hate is so palpable. They live on the plantation of the left. The real “crackers” are people like Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and all those who’ve owned plantations before them. They have instilled decades of fear into the communities. Convincing millions that, without their owners, the slaves would not survive. After all, are the hand that feeds them.

As I am writing this, I remember the news clip where Nancy Pelosi gets angry with Wolf Blitzer, and goes a rant, ending in “we feed them. We feed them, we feed them” …does that sound like freedom, or slavery?

So, why the hate for everyone else? Is it jealousy? Is it fear that we are enemies of their masters? Maybe it’s a mixture of both, but one thing is for sure: there are more slaves than masters; there always has been. I hope, in my lifetime, I see them stop burning down our nation and set fire to the leftist plantation.

A Closer, writing for the American Patriot Press