In the last two weeks several media organizations have been caught blatantly lying to the public.

Yahoo News wrote an article painting peaceful attendees of the American Patriot Rally as nazi white supremacists. The story came with images of Democratic State Representative, Sarah Anthony, accompanied by armed escorts, standing on the Capitol steps in front of the inoperable doors. Yahoo News said that Anthony (D) was so afraid of the American Patriots, that she could only feel safe if surrounded by as Yahoo put it “armed Blacks and Latinos.” It is also notable that Governor Gretchen Whitmer (D), has been quoted on CNN and many other major news networks as running with this story. She and Attorney General Dana Nessel are using the story in attempt to ban weapons at the capital, which seems to be the real reason for this story.

Now for the facts as they are told by American Patriot organizers. The article is entirely unfounded. The opening prayer was given by Bernadette Ellis Smith, a spiritual leader in the African American community, and the keynote speaker was retired Sheriff David Clarke, notably African American as well. There are hundreds if not thousands of pictures and videos on multiple social media platforms from the American Patriot Rally. This author was able to find on swastika at the event, however, it was on a sign depicting the governor as Hitler. The rally was attended by Michiganders and Americans from all over Michigan and other parts of the country. One man, LeRoy Wicks, drove in from Iowa to prays with organizers before and during the event. Many images seen by mainstream press organizations were taken from other events. When asked to comment on the photos used, CNN and Yahoo News did not respond.

Racism wasn’t the only charge made against the American Patriot Rally. Fox New’s Sean Hannity, along with contributor, and former presidential candidate, Mike Huckabee, accused Rally goers of “hurting the message” because the group is accompanied by an organized militia who handles security for rallies and events.

“We received several death threats,” said organizer Ryan Kelley, “and the second amendment was designed to protect the first.”

“We organized the rally with the constitution in mind,” said Jason Howland, “and this is the way it was designed to work. The guys from the militia are always portrayed by the media in a negative light, and they are genuinely necessary. They did a great job at the event.”

Hannity did not speak with anyone from the American Patriots before doing the story on the guns in which he assumed the message was lost behind the “optics” of armed security posted on stage and throughout the crowd.

“The irony is that the American Patriot Rally was organized with one thin in mind: to encourage the senate to vote no on extending Whitmer’s emergency declaration, which they did. It was a victory. If Sean had taken the time to be a journalist, he’d have known that we got exactly what we came for,” Kelley said.

The vote indeed go as rally goers intended. The group is planning another Rally this Thursday in Grand Rapids.

“Sheriffs hold more power locally than any other office,” said Howland. “They took an oath to uphold the constitution and many of them are ready to stand up and do exactly that. The American Patriot Rally this Thursday is about getting that message out to business owners so they can feel safe getting back to work.”

Organizers say the event starts at 5:30pm, this Thursday May 14, at Rosa Parks Circle in Grand Rapids, Michigan. They are encouraging gun owners to bring their favorite firearms, and to dress like they are at a special event.

“The visual of many good Michiganders, in arms together, smiling and celebrating American freedom will begin to change the negative connotation that has been given to firearms in Michigan by the media,” Kelley said.

The group encourages many pictures at the event as well.

A. Closer,
American Patriot