Lansing Michigan- A shocking announcement from Attorney General Nessel, has the governor reeling and health departments scrambling.

Sunday, Michigan’s alt-left attorney general, Dana Nessel, dropped a bombshell, denouncing Gretchen Whitmer’s executive orders, by refusing to enforce.

The political climate in Michigan has been white hot and now the cauldron of constitutional questions is boiling over.

Nessel, one of Whitmer’s closest allies and personal confidants has made a move to distance herself, saying she, “will no longer enforce the governor’s executive orders through criminal prosecution”, rendering law enforcers powerless to enforce any of Whitmers orders which many across the country have called bizarre.

Embattled Michigan Attorney General wonders if the governor has her in over her head

We are already seeing Michigan’s top police brass naming this as the end some of the strangest times to be in law enforcers.

Bob Stevenson, executive director of the Michigan Chiefs of Police Association (MCPA) is quoted directly as saying, “”If the attorney general says it’s over, then it’s over.”

Michigan residents are tired of not knowing what’s going on and millions have already stopped abiding by the orders of the governor. One mother, Angela Howland, was clear about what she wanted from law enforcement. “These people need to go to jail. We can’t just let them walk. They have literally destroyed thousands of businesses.” This one mother is not alone. The majority of Michiganders we talked to had similar things to say.

“Nobody expected it to be Nessel,” said JH, a member of the highly active American Patriot Council organization responsible for much of the public pressure now squeezing Michigan officials across the political spectrum, “but we knew one of them would crack.

It’s only a matter of time before one of them takes a plea deal. We are looking forward to that.”

Nobody knows how it will all play out, but one thing is for sure, Michigan is leading the way in the fight to regain America.

Written by A Closer, for American Patriot Press.