At the end of every Michigan driveway, dirty, wet and mashed to a pulp, is the writings of failed reporters. Put out to pasture, never having realized their dream of writing for a one of the big, activist papers in New York or DC, the writers for the Michigan Advance are desperate to find a scoop.

The advance is a free paper that is dropped at the end of Michigan driveways.

This week, they took a blind dive into the world of politics. In a marathon of copy and paste, amateur journalist, Kayla Sosa, made an attempt at a hit piece on favored GOP Gubernatorial hopeful, Ryan Kelley. Kelley has been at the center of the News most recently because he recently filed his statement of organization for the 2022 Michigan Governor’s race.

Kelley is a founding father of the nationwide political group, American Patriot Council, which scheduled rallies and events all over the country in response to unconstitutional COVID restrictions and government overreach.

The parts of the story not copied from other publications, is mostly quotes extracted by Kelley’s colleague, Adam Elenbass, who repeatedly told the Advance that he “preferred not to comment.” Elenbass did say that he had seen “no proof that Ryan had broken the law.”

The American Patriot Press was able to reach Kelley for comment. With the typical grace and dignity he is known for, Kelley smiled and answered, “Kayla has the right to an opinion. I hope that over my time in office, we can get to know each other, and maybe she’ll be a little nicer.”

We asked Kelley if he would be seeking any corrections in the story. He replied, “I don’t ask the Times for corrections, I’m not going to start with the Advance.”

A Closer, Reporting for the American Patriot Press