HOLLYWOOD CA- The ratings for the Golden Globe Awards, that has been an iconic piece of American theatrical history for decades, fell flat. The ceremony, which boasted upwards of 18 million viewers in 2020, making it the highest rated non-sports programming on television last year, struggled to get 5 million views in 2021.

Some Hollywood insiders attribute the utter failure to coronavirus restrictions. Ironically, Hollywood has been one of the biggest supporters COVID craziness, encouraging government lockdowns and loss of civil liberties almost constantly.

Much of the public has a different reason for the failure of Hollywood. Members of the American Patriot Council, located in Michigan, have said it is the “political nonsense” and lack of morality that is driving the demise of Hollywood profitability. In a time when many members of society are looking for answers, Hollywood elites live in luxury and condemn hardworking Americans for wanting to live their lives free of burdensome restrictions on their freedoms.

Many others blame the utter failure on sexual predators and pedophiles that seem to riddle the Hollywood elite.

Hollywood movies and shows have been a long-standing American tradition and many hope that it can rise from the ashes of utter failure, but that remains to be seen.

One thing is for sure: if actors and actresses in the hills of Hollywood, California can’t get back to the business of entertaining, and out of the political spotlight, the utter failure will be completed by the now hemorrhaging of cash and profitability.

A Closer, reporting for the American Patriot Press