Raskin, the house’s new prosecutor in the second impeachment is seen here with Adam Schiff, ethically questionable prosecutor who embarrassingly lost Trump’s first impeachment trial, when House Democrats leveled baseless claims of Russian collusion, costing taxpayers millions of dollars.

WASHINGTON DC- With Trump’s impeachment trial just hours away, the FBI seems to be finding itself between a rock and a hard place. Their bosses on Capitol Hill are sowing two stitches with the same thread. On the one hand, they want to convict Donald J. Trump. They claim the former President incited what the far-left media have baselessly dubbed the “insurrection.” On January 6th, mostly peaceful protesters gathered in DC in support of President Trump. A few bad actors assaulted police, broke windows, and entered the building before police opened the barrier, letting hundreds more inside. The problem for the FBI, is that they have already alleged that some of the protesters planned an “insurrection” in advance. The FBI has vowed to take a hard stance against anyone involved on the 6th. This new, hard line against protestors has already raised questions because they have largely done nothing as terror groups like Antifa and BLM have been rioting steadily since last May. Now, even more questions arise as many ask: if Trump incited the few bad actors on January 6, how did protesters plan it in advance?

Even though the radicals in congress and their corporate media stooges have no evidence to support the accusations against the former president, they are still pushing forward with a trial. At all costs, Washington DC ruling class elites hope to convict Americas forty-fifth president even though he is no-longer in office. A conviction would ensure he could never run for office again. The lack of evidence against anyone proving premeditation will undoubtedly make the burden of proof much heavier.

Jamie Raskin and his band of Trump-hating, over-privileged cohorts in congress will need to convince the US Senate that Trump was in communication with protesters prior to January 6th. If they can’t prove that they’ll need to prove that protesters did not, after all, plan it in advance. To prove both would require a link between former President Trump, and protesters at the Capitol in advance of the mostly peaceful protest January 6, 2020. Any link is highly unlikely.

A Closer reporting,