Opinion- The 2020 election opened my eyes to something I’ve never liked about professional sports. Cheating is “part of the game”.

For years (before the whole kneeling during the anthem thing anyway), I watched NFL football. One thing that never sat well with me is that when a player would claim to be fouled, or a team would run the next play before a ref could make a call. There’ve been many times I’ve thought to myself,

“That guy faked it. I wonder if the outcome would be different if the game was played fairly and honestly.”

To be honest, I’ve even cheered some of those calls. That’s what’s so dangerous about this type of dishonesty.

As I’ve watched this election play out, I realized that it’s not just sports, it’s everywhere! It’s been everywhere for a long time. A win is a win, whether it’s earned or it’s not. Cheating is the norm.

People know cheating is wrong, but the effect is so much more than wins and losses. People get desensitized to dishonesty. Then, thing just slide as “part of the game”. Now, people are taught to cheat instead of playing hard and playing to win. Schools and coaches lie to kids by giving them trophies for losing, cheating them of any chance to truly be a winner. People cheat each other of real opportunities for growth. They lie to save feelings instead of constructive criticism. Now, we live in a politically correct world, where people only do whatever is easiest.

That brings me to my point. This year we’ve seen the weaponization of the this desensitization in a shocking set of events. When something so deep, and so serious, happens on such a massive scale, it would be dangerous to chalk it up to chance. We need to ask some real questions.

Who would want a population, largely desensitized to lies? How would they control information on that level? …and what would they do with it once it’s been created?

If someone could could create a world where people can no longer tell the difference between a lie and the truth, they could control those people with lies. This is nothing less than a plot to take over the world.

It would be easy to look at the last twelve months and trace back the plethora of lies to the leader of this takeover plan, that leader, by this author’s sight, is clearly China.