WHITE HOUSE- Today, despite his constant, baseless criticism of President Trump for his handling of the pandemic, Joe Biden admitted that measures against COVID-19 are futile.

“There’s nothing we can do to the change the trajectory of the pandemic over the next several months.”

This, the quote of the day from Joe Biden in a rather vanilla, say-nothing speech on the economic ruin he and his Democrat colleagues had rained down on the nation in their handling of COVID-19.

Biden, who continually talks about unity and recovery, tells a completely different story with his actions. In his first two and a half days in office, he’s shut down approximately nineteen-thousand jobs with the XL pipeline, thousands more at the boarder wall, and indefinitely suspended all new oil drilling permits in the US, killing countless jobs. Moves that will undoubtedly further devastate the economy. To add to the already great comedy of errors that is Joe Biden, since being sworn in, we’ve seen the first increase in unemployment since the Trump recovery began in July.

It remains to be seen how long democrats will continue to support reckless policies, disregard for the legislative branch, and America last policies, but talks of his blunders have already begun.

A Closer reporting,