Palo Alto- Early Monday evening, a new name popped up on the famed “Criminal Watch List” posted on the American Patriot Council official website. Mark Zuckerberg seems to be the latest to find himself in the sights of APC members, for criminal prosecution. The accusation: election interference, for all the censorship ramped up by the tech giant, Facebook, run by Zuckerberg, leading up to the 2020 general election. It’s no secret Facebook has been deleting conservatives and conservative stories in recent weeks, and the people of California and the US are calling for prosecution.

The interactive watch list, showing a map of the US, and locations of suspects, “is a way for the public to open investigations into suspected criminals,” says Jason Howland, Founding Father of APC, “keep in mind, all suspect are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.”

Orange represents user submitted suspects. Red markers represent a criminal who has been “confirmed” to the best of APC’s knowledge and sent along to authorities for investigation.

Once suspects are “confirmed”, according to Howland, the group will then send letters and complaints to their contacts at the FBI and DOJ, as well as take other lawful actions such as rallies, or hand delivered “notices” calling for charges to be made.

“This is not vigilante justice,” points out Ryan Kelley, Founding Father. “This is a pure form of activism. A way for the public to get involved and put pressure on these agencies to do their job.” Kelley was the subject of criticism recently by far left Antifa and BLM groups for the saving of an historical statue in his home town.

The American Patriot Council has been very vocal about calling for the arrests of several public officials, including embattled Governor Gretchen Whitmer, who they say broke several laws.

It’s not known how far this will all go, but one thing is becoming clear, the media around the country is beginning to take note of the APC’s Criminal Watch List, and no one wants to find themselves on it.

A. Closer, reporting for American Patriot Press.