It’s been chilly, rainy, and the coffee is good. So, here it goes….

My mind has been racing and my heart just hurts. I haven’t kept very quiet in my political views lately, which is so not typical for me. But, right now, I believe voices are needed more than ever before.

After the presidential debate last night, I have seen posts about Trumps behavior. And, I will fully agree that at times he can be rude and boorish. I will also say that I, and most of you, have never been put in a position with the mass amount of bullying being done by the MSM and our politicians. Therefore, it’s hard to say how we would react – especially when doing this hellish-job without salary. What I will say however, is that we are NOT voting for a friend. Please get that out of your heads. We are voting for leader.

We are voting for a principle, a morale, of what we believe our country stands for. What our brave soldiers fought and died for. Freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, freedom to bear arms, freedom of religion, freedom for the right of equal justice, freedom of petition, and so-on-and-so-forth. The majority of us do not care if you are black, white, Latino, Asian, gay, transgender, etc. That is NOT what this is about for many Trump supporters. It’s SO much bigger than that. It’s about following a constitution that was put in place to keep America great.

We are sincerely scared. And not of this overrated virus, but of the current disease of evil being done to our nation and our families. We are feeling defeated by the same party who believes, “my body my choice,” is constantly trying to shove masks over our mouths, and soon some mysterious vaccine into our bodies. We are fearful that these coverings that you believe are protecting you through the “science,” are much bigger than that, and are doing the exact opposite. We believe these cloths are not about a virus, but more of a conditioning of what some higher-ups want moving forward. We worry that we won’t have a say about this vaccine coming out. That in order to go about our normal everyday lives, we will need proof that we have been injected with what many of us see as poison.

We believe that the shortage of change isn’t really about a shortage, or about dirty money. It’s about tracing through plastic cards and eventually becoming a cash-free nation.
We believe that if someone we love is in danger, we should have every right to protect ourselves and our families. We believe that when we are too fearful to do that, we call our law enforcement to help protect us. We also believe that we thank them and support them for doing jobs most of us don’t have the knowledge, courage, and strength to do.

We believe that there are very bad and corrupt leaders that are running our nation behind the scenes right now. Politicians that have proven that law and order means absolutely nothing. We have witnessed funerals by the hundreds, one with a golden casket, of criminals. Meanwhile, thousands of innocent civilians have sat home and grieved with not even the slightest goodbye for their loved ones. We have heard about children being shot and killed for no reason whatsoever. Yet, silence.

We have also watched kneeled wealthy NFL Football players wearing helmets of “heroes,” all while these “heroes” rape victims and their families sit in silence.

We have witnesses Democratic states that allow our officers to be tormented beyond our comprehension. Some shot, some burned, some beaten, and most emotionally damaged from the abuse being thrown at them without any protection from their “leaders.” In fact, some of their protections have been taken away, all while being defunded, mocked, and ridiculed. We have witnessed these same Democratic governors sit back while this destruction is taking place. Our president has offered these governors, multiple times, the assistance to bring in the help of our federal government, but they said no …until they couldn’t anymore. Meanwhile, we have sat back and watched, as they destroy businesses, homes, and people.

We also believe that BLM and Antifa are terrorist organizations. Some of us believe they are funded by the above said politicians. Reason being? They want the divide. They need racism and hate to keep going. They thrive off of it. And, they need the votes.

-We have witnessed politicians and celebrity ‘heroes’ who have been caught (and will continue to be caught) in the sex trafficking of our children.

The popular Netflix allowing child pornography.

We have witnessed empty churches. Meanwhile, big box stores, malls, protests, restaurants, casinos, airports, abortion clinics, etc… remain open.

We have witnessed our children suffer. Our children aren’t living the way you and I got to. And if you’re lucky enough to have grown children, then the way they got to too. Parents are given choices, but none of these choices are fair and just. Our children have missed graduations, proms, church, school, sports, friends, etc. They now either study alone from a computer screen, or alone at a desk. They aren’t allowed to sing songs in class, play with toys unless approved, share, stop and hug a friend in the one-way lonely hallways, give their teachers a high five, etc. They aren’t allowed to be KIDS. And to think these are the most critical years in brain development – People are scary, cover your face, we don’t go near them because we could get sick. And, the saddest part, is they have no say in any of it. Just their masks and a whole lot of rules.

I could go on, but THIS is why we are voting for Trump. Because we believe that if he is not re-elected, our country will not be what is once was. Our children will not get to live in the greatest country in the world. Because we believe there’s a good chance it won’t be the land of the free anymore if the Democratic Party takes office.
So please, spare me the grief of shaming me or anyone else. Stop acting like Trump supporters have no empathy or care for human life. We do care and often times wonder why you don’t. Hate is a powerful thing, but I pray many of you can put your hate for one stranger aside, and try to love. Love our country, love our children, and love our freedoms – before its too late.

By Jen Carew